Patara Soho Review

Often when writing reviews for lussorian I`ll comment ‘ideal for a romantic dinner date’ , which on reflection doesn’t say much.

Dates are often nerve racking affairs where you feel far too self conscious to order extra sticky rice, you`re generally too busy laughing politely at bad jokes or checking your teeth for spinach to care about what`s on your plate.

In fact, all early romance really requires is cheap wine and a bowl of peanuts- luxury is wasted on those in love.


Patara was once one of my dating casualties- all I can remember thinking about my experience is: ‘I shouldn`t have had that extra glass’ and `can I go home now?’ – I have no idea what I ate!

And so for this second visit on behalf of Lussorian I brought my no nonsense food obsessed old uni chum as a sobering accomplice. Ignoring the enchanting oriental interior (all orchids, dark wood and gold lanterns) we remained focused upon the task at hand (eating ) and plumped for a selection of the chef`s highlights (if it good enough for him). We weren`t disappointed.


Our favourite starters included the assortment of crab, prawn and duck rice paper rolls garnished with lime and chilli sauce and the thinly sliced tuna dressed in a spicy lemongrass and mint vinaigrette.

Both nicely whet the appetite and weren’t too heavy in seasoning.

For the mains, my choice was the black cod grilled in a ginger and yellow bean sauce which I accompanied with some pak choi in oyster dressing. Fantastic.

Having grown up thinking cod only ever came coated in breadcrumbs straight from `the captains table` I admire any chef that can rustle up flavoursome white fish and Patara does just that.


On reflection, I admit I understand why that early date had wanted to take me here – the food is excellent and service impeccable – staff scurry around silently attentive to each and every customer’s whim, they fall over backwards to keep their visitors happy.

My only advice in ordering is try to keep it simple – portions are extremely generous and you’ll not need many side dishes, we ordered far too much and at one point had too many flavours jostling for attention on one plate. Better to simply ask for more if you`re still hungry.

Also, arrive early and make a real evening of it, you can avoid the crowded pubs and start in their peaceful foyer with a tropical tasting aperitif and some spicy nibbles. Very civilised.

All in all we rated the evening and of course the food to be a huge non-romantic success. Of course the couple canoodling next to us might disagree, but who cares- they hadn`t eaten a thing.

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