Landfall Art – unique 3D map art

Very rarely do we stumble across a truly unique artform, something that really grabs your attention and you find yourself staring at for hours. We recently had such an encounter when we spotted a piece by rising artist Peter Bolt and his Landfall Art 3D maps.

Devon (UK) based Peter has honed this unique artform to perfection, creating intricate, pain staking contours into a piece of art, for pretty much any destination in the world.

There is no mass production here, every piece is unique to the customer and the destination they desire. Essentially, the customer selects an area of the world (as long as there is a chartered map of it Peter can produce it) – this could be a mountain, waterway, country or local area. Peter then sources a selection of maps, be them more traditional (black and white) or more recent Ordinance Survey colour versions. Together, you’ll then then refine the composition and identify personal details such as a route or location of importance that you may like to add in. Peter then sets to work identifying the contours and cutting them carefully by hand before mounting them on luxury board, and building up the layers from there.

The process can take days if not weeks to complete, the end result being a show stopping piece of art unique to you and your memories. It’s worth noting that Peter is now experimenting with laser cutting Perspex, giving you even more choice of finish.

Once finished, the art is professionally framed by Peter using UV protective glazing so as not to fade the maps.

These unique pieces of 3D art are ideal for the person who has everything, sailors, mountaineers, hikers, or perhaps for yourself to remember a special place.

Bespoke commissions start from £250 (A4), £450 (A3) and from £550 (A2)

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