Danes create most expensive remote control in the world.

Lantic Systems Delivers has created what we believe to be the most expensive remote control in the world, the RC1 Remote Control which has a price tag of around £27,000.

So what`s so special about this little gizmo?

First showcased at METS 2007 in Amsterdam, Holland it`s made of solid gold but the design is pretty simple: sleek round form, metallic finish and familiar buttons. It offers control over TV/Video/DVD, Music/CD, Internet, E-mail, CCTV, burglary alarm, air-conditioning, lights, curtains, and surveillance of navigation systems, etc.


Is it worth £27,000?

If you`ve got the cash lying about and don`t fancy helping a charitable cause, why not blow your cash one of these pointless gadgets!

Buy it here.


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