I’ve got the brightest smile!

You people cannot look stunning without a smile to match so I thought I would check out the new hygienists just off London`s Fenchurch Street. I believe we shouldn`t just concentrate on our weight issues or the latest new foundation, (though there is nothing wrong with that!)


But for your general well being and to keep you looking younger, a clean and healthy smile is key and will pay off.

Toothplace know that a fresh smile can light up your personality, and generally make you feel good also if you have a special event to attend and want to look your best why not give your mouth a good deep clean.

Toothplace offer lots of different treatments for individuals and their prices start from as low as £50!

When I got to Toothplace I was greeted kindly and asked to fill out a quick form that assesses your health in conjunction with the treatment you are about to have. I had the Luxury High Gloss Diamond Polish (£80). Firstly pictures were taken of my teeth to assess the general state of them and surprisingly not that I`m a mucky girl; I was told I had extremely clean and healthy teeth. Who has got a big smile on their face! Though this was the case my teeth still needed a bit of buffering so my hygienist got to work prodding my teeth gently with an apparatus that gets into the gaps, scraping off unwanted staining and advising me on dental hygiene for the future. To finish up I was buffered to perfection and honestly speaking I had a really lovely experience and felt very confident provide this service and at a really competitive price.

As long as you brush thoroughly twice daily, floss and use a gentle mouthwash you are already on the right path to oral bliss. I highly recommend visiting hygienists likeToothplace at least once every three months; as they are a quick stop for that necessary oral hygiene all of us can benefit from.

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