Monograms make it better

“The initial impression lasts forever ”

London`s leading luxury linen retailer, Monogrammed Linen Shop have a strong reputation for quality. For the last 28 years, MLS have given us countless luxury products, made all the better with a personalised monogram.

From Egyptian cottons, linens and silks to wool and cashmere blankets, a bespoke service and not forgetting silk night wear, Monogrammed Linen Shop have this luxury sector sewn up.

Couldn`t resist that one – sorry.

Now, MLS enter a new era. Using their own creative skills and taking advantage of technology available, They can now offer some really exciting, new cutting edge products.

For example, the keepsakes to triumph over other keepsakes have to be the embroidered cushions.

The Embroidered child`s drawing is a wonderful example of how to retain those memories in a unique way. Just scan and email your desired image and it will be faithfully embroidered on cotton pillow cases.


One product that really caught my eye was The Silhouette cushion. Mixing creativity and simplicity and adding a silhouette and embroidered quote makes a perfect gift. The quote is a direct copy of the subject`s handwriting.


For luxury linen on a higher scale, you must visit the MLS site, you will be impressed.

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