Ballantine’s Christmas Reserve

Ballantine`s, a premium Scotch whisky, will be doing it’s share of Christmas cheer with Ballantine`s Christmas Reserve. A nice gift idea for Christmas 2011….


Ballantine’s say:

“Created by Master Blender Sandy Hyslop, Ballantine`s Christmas Reserve is an exceptional blended whisky of superior quality which is available annually for a limited period. First launched in 2010, the expression was a Scotch whisky category first, with its luxury seasonal aromas including cinnamon, orange, raisin, candy apple and pear. Ballantine`s Christmas Reserve is ideal served on its own over ice or as the base for a range of seasonal cocktails. To support the 2011 launch, Ballantine`s Brand Ambassador Fredrik Olsson has created a series of seasonal cocktails, including `Ballantine`s Christmas Reserve Golden Saffron Martini`, `Ballantine`s Spiced Hot Chocolate` and `Ballantine`s Hot Christmas Punch`.”

Peter Moore, International Brand Director for Ballantine`s, comments:

`Ballantine`s Christmas Reserve stands out as a unique category offering during a highly competitive sales period. The exclusive blend caters to those consumers who trade up when purchasing gifts and products to enjoy over the festive period and perfectly encapsulates the flair and blending expertise that defines Ballantine`s.`

Available from October to December 2011 in key markets such as Spain, France and Taiwan, Ballantine`s Christmas Reserve is presented in a superior white presentation box, decorated with snowflakes and elements of gold foil that add a premium festive feel.

Some xmas Ballantine recipes:

Ballantine`s Hot Christmas Punch

3 parts Ballantine`s Christmas Reserve
1 part Apricot Liqueur
2 parts Spiced Berry Cordial
8 parts Hot Water

Method: In a large punchbowl with candle heat, build the ingredients with the boiling water to taste.
Glass: Punchbowl
Garnish: Orange Peel, raspberries and raisins

Ballantine`s Christmas Reserve Golden Saffron Martini

50ml Ballantine`s Christmas Reserve
15ml Saffron infused sugar syrup
5ml Hazelnut Liqueur
25ml Double Cream

Method: Shake and strain
Glass: Martini
Garnish: Saffron threads

Ballantine`s Spiced Hot Chocolate

50ml Ballantine`s Christmas Reserve
Ç?¶ó Mug of quality hot chocolate
Mini marshmallows
Chocolate sauce

Method: Make hot chocolate, add the Ballantine`s Christmas Reserve and top with garnish
Glass: Cup
Garnish: Marshmallows and chocolate sauce

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