Gaggia Coffee Maker – The Wonderful Accademia

From September, Gaggia, the number one choice of coffee machines in Italy, is launching Accademia, the ultimate machine for coffee lovers everywhere. Whatever your coffee preference, Accademia will impress you with its superior performance and style, bringing you the easiest way to professional coffee at home today.


Apart from looking far too good for home use with it`s stainless steel finish with a real nod to quality craftsmanship, This Gaggia Coffee maker performs at a professional level. No, It`s better than that, better than most coffee shop`s machines. The Accademia has been created with high end luxury in mind, using innovative materials and technology.

Now aesthetics are out the way, let`s talk performance. How much do you love coffee? Not enough, if you aren`t getting excited about this Gaggia review!

USP`s for the Accademia as follows;

* Memorises your favourite coffee and milk/froth preferences
* Adjustable telescopic coffee dispenser so you can enjoy your coffee in mugs and cups of all sizes
* Display panel features dynamic images for each step of the coffee process
* An advanced milk system lets you specify how much creamy froth you would like
* Patented automatic cleaning feature takes away the hassle of cleaning up afterwards

Yes! That`s right. This machine has a memory and an easy to navigate digital display. You can programme up to 7 beverage choices and, simply, 1 touch of a button gives you professional standard coffee every time.

It`s all sounding pretty impressive, yes? It gets better. The Accademia cleans itself afterwards.

Gaggia Coffee Makers have never been so good.

The Gaggia Accademia is available from September 2010 at selected department stores, online and leading independent cookshops. RRP £1,400.

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