Is Luxist all it’s Cracked up to be?

Luxist was probably one of the first luxury blogs to hit the scene several months ago and is now pretty ubiquitous in this blog niche. It’s a Weblogs Inc blog, if that means nothing to you, don’t worry you’re in the majority. In a nutshell a very shrewd chap called Jason Calacanis set up a blog network approximately 2 years ago and sold out a few months back to AOL for a reported $40 million. Luxist is part of this network and now part of AOL’s blog division or whatever they now call themselves. Clever guy hehh!

It sounds wise after the event but Orbital Media Network had the same idea 3 years ago but never got off our asses to do anything about it until the beginning of this year. C’est la vie – we might be sitting pretty on that cool $40 million by now if we’d had the “balls of our convictions”. No matter, we digress. Luxist really was quite an intriguing blog when it first came on the scene and carried a large number of people’s aspirations in it’s content.

It’s still a corking good read now and again but it seems to be losing it’s way slightly in recent months, often regurgitating similar themes with worrying regularity – is it running out of steam? Maybe, that’s unavoidable over time, but there is definitely an intangible sense that the crown is slipping ever so slightly for Luxist. However, I have no doubt that with some editorial tweaking it will regain the mantle before long.

Good luck to Deidre Wollard and the team at Luxist.

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