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Let’s be honest, gin is considered a highly valuable commodity for many across the UK. In fact, some would argue that its presence in the home and in bars is as important as running water – there is nothing quite like a good gin. Fortunately, we were contacted by the people at Slingsby Artisan Gin regarding their visually striking gin offering and we may have found not just a good gin, but a great one!

Photos by: • Instagram/Twitter: @tomjoyphoto
Photos by: • Instagram/Twitter: @tomjoyphoto

What is it? The name of the gin is inspired by William Slingsby, who discovered the unique properties of the natural spring water from Tewit Well in Harrogate. It’s an ultra-premium and refreshing London Dry gin with lots of great character.

What makes it unique? As is fast becoming the trend, this gin is keen to celebrate and explore its local roots. The key ingredients of Slingsby Artisan Gin are hand-grown locally to Harrogate and the results are fantastic. Botanicals used include locally sourced green and jasmine tea, plus various thymes, milk thistle and other moorland treats. There is a real sense of care and craft in the creation of this gin and it’s a delight to see. Not only that, but the gin is crafted using water drawn from the world famous Harrogate aquifer. In North Yorkshire, the aforementioned ingredients are combined with a handful of additional ingredients from around the world, just to finish of the blend. The Slingsby master distiller has over 30 years experiences in producing London Dry Gin and he uses all of these accumulated skills to concoct the gin in a 100 year old traditional copper still.

Slingsby Artisan Gin - product shot

What does it taste like? All of the above elements sound fantastic and promise for an exquisite taste, but does it deliver? We are happy to report that all of the love and care in the creation does manifest itself in the final product. On tasting, there is a refreshing hint of rhubarb and citrus, which is then superseded by juniper and a very light jasmine scent. The hand picked botanicals and years of experience combine wonderfully for a delectable gin.

Slingsby Gin is bottled at 42% ABV and presented in an iconic 70cl blue bottle (inspired by 19th century chemist bottles used in Harrogate). It is available at Harrods or online at at a retail price of £39.99.


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