‘JetSetSail’ – cruising has just become a breeze

Your luxury cruise is something to look forward to all year round and is the pinnacle moment in every cruisers calendar. However, the airport elements at the beginning of this experience can sometimes be fraught with issues. Such as delays, delays and more delays! With Jet Set Sail you can take yourself away from all the complications of a typical cruise holiday and travel to your ship without a worry in the world. No need to worry, no need to stress – your cruise will begin in complete luxury.

With Jet Set Sail you experience a VIP experience, starting the very moment you arrive at the private terminal in Stansted and carrying all the way through to boarding your ship. This luxury addition to your cruise holiday from Reader Offers Ltd commences with a modern and sleek departure lounge.

Celebrity Cruises Jet Set Sail Launch. Inflite the Jet Centre. Stansted Airport.
Celebrity Cruises Jet Set Sail Launch. Inflite the Jet Centre. Stansted Airport.
Celebrity Cruises Jet Set Sail Launch. Inflite the Jet Centre. Stansted Airport.
Celebrity Cruises Jet Set Sail Launch. Inflite the Jet Centre. Stansted Airport.

When preparing to fly car parking is always a huge hassle. Complications such as the cot for the duration of your holiday distance to travel to the main terminal and the time it takes for you to initially arrive. However car parking isn’t a concern with Jet Set Sail – car parking is free for the duration of the cruise and the dedicated car park (exclusive for Celebrity guests) is a mere 50 metres from the terminal building.

Pre-flight is a breeze when staying in the modern luxury departure lounge. The lounge is spacious, light and airy. The lounge takes away all the usual pre-flight stress and gives you a moment to have some me time. With refreshments of your choice brought to you on silver trays, you can just sit back and relax until your flight; pre-flight has never been such a relaxing experience.

But what about the flight itself? Leather seats with enough leg room fit for a king is all we can say with a 31 inch seat pitch. The flight includes on board catering, including a two course breakfast or lunch and beverage service.

The whole experience from disembarking the plane, to going through arrivals with luggage then returning  takes about six minutes, which is frankly amazing and just saves you all the hassle of airport customs. The whole experience provided by the Jet Set Sail promotion has been carefully thought out and planned for your utmost convenience, so you need not worry about stress or fuss, just relax and enjoy your journey every step of the way.

So if you’re in the mood for a touch of a luxury to start your cruise this year, click this link to Reader Offers LTD and find your cruise to get the full VIP experience. We thought you might also like to hear about Reader Offers ‘Cruise Miles’ programme. With the programme you earn Cruise Miles on every booking  which can save you money on future cruises. It’s free to register and currently, new members will automatically receive up to 10,000 Cruise Miles. The Cruise Miles can then be redeemed on extras such as free UK chauffeur transfers, cabin upgrades, free car parking, hotel stays, or to simply make savings on future cruise bookings through Reader Offers. Reader Offers already has a whopping 250,000 members of its popular Cruise Miles programme. A quarter of a million people can’t be wrong!

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