Is the iKettle the smartest kettle out there?

It’s 2021 and your home is probably packed to the rafters with smart-tech, such as Alexa enabled smart speakers, voice controlled light bulbs, LED lighting that can change the mood of the house in a single click. However, have you ever considered that your kettle can be smart too? Introducing the iKettle Monochrome 3rd Generation, one of the smartest on the market!

The chic and modest looking iKettle Monochrome 3rd Generation packs some functionality your normal kettle can only dream of. By using the Smarter app customise your settings to set alarms and prompts with simple commends ‘Wake Up’, ‘Home’ or ‘Formula’ mode for your iKettle. The iKettle can be fully controlled through the Smarter app, giving you granular control and personalisation over your experience.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in modern tech, then it can also be easily integrated with a range of voice-activated devices  such as Amazon Alexa, Google Nest Home, Siri shortcuts and IFTTT. Now, from anywhere in the house, simply say “Alexa, boil the kettle” and instantly the kettle kicks into action to your preferred temperature. 

One of the best features is the “Wake up” setting, this allows you to set specific times to start your kettle, allowing you to wake up, walk downstairs and your kettle is ready, full of boiled water to your specified temperature. Amazing stuff and so convenient. The iKettle is also the perfect helper for any new parents. It works around your night-time formula feeding routines. Boil the kettle from your bed during the night and set the water to the perfect temperature for your baby’s formula.

If you are a tea or coffee aficionado too, listen up – as the iKettle can set a desired boiling temperature between 20º-100º degrees via the Smarter app. No more singed or burned coffee!

Aside from all the technology, The iKettle has been designed to be robust and suitable for modern life. With its stainless steel body, sealed lid and an ‘easy pour’ spout, the iKettle is the perfect appliance for everyday use. With its patented ‘Strix’ controller, the iKettle is built to be safe. The iKettle features a simple push button and a tall body, built from high quality stainless steel.

If you want to take your smart home up a notch, then the iKettle Monochrome 3rd Generation really is a game changer. No more burning your tea, around the clock voice controlled flexibility, plus a sleek modern look to boot. 

Get yours here. iKettle Monochrome 3rd Generation priced at £129.

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