Immersive Audio With Edifier Noise Cancelling Wireless WH950NB Headphones

The Edifier WH950NBs are a sleek, aesthetically stunning and compelling package for the price. However, at this price (£149.99), can they deliver great noise cancellation and a sound that competes in this busy space?

Let’s look at the tech specs. The WH950NB’s include Hi-Res Audio support, including LDAC certification. This ensures high-fidelity audio reproduction with frequencies up to 40kHz, exceeding the capabilities of traditional CDs. Sound quality is driven thanks to the large 40mm drivers featuring dynamic titanium films. These drivers deliver a powerful yet clear listening experience, perfect for enjoying all your favourite music.

For those who like to feel the beat and indulge in bass, these headphones deliver, but the melody might get a little lost in the mosh pit. You can tinker with the settings (like a sound engineer with a budget mixer), but the details of the sound can sometimes feel a bit muted. 

More good news? Comfort is first class. Plush earcups cradle your ears like a luxurious pillow (but maybe not the best choice for a headbanging session). The design is a bit on the bulky side, though, so think of it as a comfy, oversized getaway car.

A single charge gets you a marathon listening session (34 hours with noise cancellation, 55 hours without). That’s enough to travel from sunrise to way past your bedtime. Plus, a detachable cable means a dead battery won’t leave you stranded. The built-in microphone even lets you make crystal-clear calls on the go for maximum flexibility. 

The Edifier WH950NBs are a solid choice for adventurers on a budget who prioritise comfort and affordability over top-of-the-line noise cancellation and audio quality.

Perfect for everyday commutes, drowning out low-frequency noise, or that long-awaited escape from reality (as long as reality isn’t too chatty). 

But if you’re an audiophile seeking the ultimate sound experience, you might need to upgrade to a different kind of getaway car.

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