Can ROXI Revolutionise Home Entertainment?

Electric Jukebox have launched ROXI, the alternative entertainment system for the home, which aims to provide a complete solution to those not wanting to go down the route of Sonos, Spotify, Amazon and other UK streaming providers.

Created by Electric, ROXI has also been created to help families come together, listen to music and have some fun! According to their research, 89% of parents think music could bring their families closer together – this forms the crux of the device and why it’s been created.

What is ROXI and how can it revolutionise music streaming for the home?

The ROXI device is described by Electric Jukebox as “the first dedicated all-in-one music entertainment experience designed for the family home”.  The device plugs into your TV and surround sound system, therefore taking advantage of the sound systems you have, rather than requiring separate, expensive additions. We found that the device takes minutes to set up via WI-FI, thereby unlocking a range of features to your home.

One of the key features of the device and one that may see it take on the likes of SONOS, is the device’s inclusive 1-year premium music pass. This provides access to millions of songs from all major labels and independent labels too. Featuring hundreds of playlists from the Electric Jukebox Curation Team and celebrity curators Sheryl Crowe, Robbie Williams, Alesha Dixon and Stephen Fry, ROXI gives you music for every mood from party playlists to kid’s classics. You can even tailor your listening experience with your own playlists and favourites. The selection of music is strong and we found all of the big stars of past and present catered for. You can also stop young ones listening to explicit lyrics too, with the Family Protect feature. 

After 1 year, you will need to update your premium pass and this costs £52 per year, a lot cheaper than the likes of Spotify.

There is also the addition of worldide radio! With unlimited access to virtually every radio station on the planet, ROXI lets you tune into a whole world of music. With local favourites and genre specific stations highlighted for easy access and enjoyment, it’s got all the radio stations you’ll ever need.

There is a range of quirky features too!

The device is controlled by a movement based controller with built in microphone for voice search and family karaoke singalongs (yes, you heard right, KARAOKE!). Responsive and well-built, the controller has a feeling of longevity and it is very responsive too.

One of the additional features is (as we have mentioned), Karaoke singalongs through the system’s Sing with the Stars functionality. The living room becomes your stage with the super fun, family friendly activity. Pick from iconic tracks and the words appear on the screen, all that is left is for you to sing away into the controller and sing the night away!

One fantastic feature for all the family to play is the Name That Tune game. This exciting game tests your knowledge of music from across the decades and across a range of categories. We love this!

There are also a couple other features. The Sound Machine provides families with a range of songs for situations such as yoga, meditation and even white noise. You may not use this element all the time, but it’s a fantastic feature to have.

ROXI can also set your Facebook photo albums to music, and ROXI’s themed visualisers can turn your TV screen into a beautiful picture frame.

What do we think?

Endorsed by the likes of Robbie Williams and Alicia Dixon, can this device challenge the big hitters in the streaming market and provide an all-round solution for the modern family? We think so! The device has a range of fun, funky and exciting features that will certainly entertain all members of the family, but only time will tell if ROXI can stand the test of time and provide enough musical streaming choices to make it last.

How much does it cost?

ROXI by Electric Jukebox is available in Red, Blue, Charcoal, SRP £199 from , Selfridges, Amazon, Ebay, Ocado,, and QVC

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