Giraffe, Basingstoke – review

Giraffe is a relaxed, chilled out restaurant, with good fresh food and fantastic staff. When we visited recently, we were really impressed by how amicable and attentive the staff were, and we were also rather impressed by the food on offer. The motto of Giraffe is “Freshly cooked food for everyone served to the sound of great music ǽƒ?ªƒ? guaranteed to make you feel good!”, and this was certainly the case for us.

To kick off we began with the Crunchy Coconut Shrimp (£5.65) with sweet chilli & lime dipping sauce. This was a really tasty dish and, as per usual, the combination of king prawns and sweet chili was a match made in heaven. It was just a little unfortunate that I was left wanting more, as I could have eaten a lot more of this starter. But i guess that is a sign of a good first dish.


The mains selection, much like the menu as a whole, is an eclectic mix of American, Mexican, British and oriental style dishes. Now, you may be thinking that this blend of cuisines leads to a disjointed menu; however, in my opinion, it just means more choice and a more exciting dining experience. Also, i wouldn`t say that the menu lacked cohesion either, it just seems to work!

The restaurant specialises in a selection of hearty and wholesome burger, which come in traditional and more original manifestations. In fact, each Tuesday they offer a burger and fries deal for only £5.95 – an absolute bargain, especially for parents looking to amuse their kids this summer holiday.

However, as I was on a health kick (well kind of anyway), I went for the Tequila & Lime Chicken Breast (£11.25)grilled corn fed chicken breast marinated in lime, fresh herbs & tequila. This was a fabulous tasting dish and was extremely tasty, but it was also light and not too filling. The fresh herbs added a note of freshness, the lime sharpness and the tequila a hint of good old boozey kick. We also sampled the BBQ Baby Back Ribs (£14.95), a must have at any semi-American influenced restaurant: the ribs were slow cooked in sweet smoky BBQ sauce roasted to a glaze & served with a homemade summer slaw & skin on fries. The meat fell off the bone and was lovely and rich in flavour. Again, we were left wanting more! I would also recommend the side of Corn on the Cobb (£3.95)with fresh red chilli butter & grated italian style cheese – this was devishly buttery and the perfect accompaniment to any dish.

Desserts were a really tasty affair and were certainly not for those looking after their weight! We tried the Rocky Road Sundae (£5.65)chocolate & vanilla ice cream, marshmallows, chocolate brownie & hot chocolate sauce. The menu suggests that they are great to share, but unfortunately my guest decided to devour this himself, another good sign! I went for the Florida classic the Key Lime Pie (£3.95)served with tangy lime marmalade. As this is my favourite dessert, i was a little critical. But i really enjoyed this velvety serving, although, the base was a little soggy.


Much of our visit to Giraffe was punctuated by feelings of gluttony and greed, as we simply wanted more of everything. The food on the whole was rich, flavoursome and very moreish. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for something different and something a bit – well, fun. Giraffe is always offering fantastic deals and daily menus, so head on down and see what they have for you.

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