Spring Spirits Roundup 2020

If you’re fed up with what feels like a never-ending stream of storms and rubbish weather recently, remember that Spring is almost upon us and with it, the flowers, sun, BBQs and smiles all round. But in the meantime, please enjoy our Spring roundup of the finest small batch and lesser known premium spirit brands known to man. We’ve uncovered some absolute gems. Get Summer ready!

Salcombe Rosé Sainte Marie Gin (41.4% ABV)

Nestled on the tip of Devon’s delightful South Hams, Salcombe is arguably home to one of England’s most reputed gins – Salcombe Gin. If you get a chance, a visit to the distillery and Gin School is well worthwhile, such a great experience.

If you’re a gin connoisseur you will likely have tried Salcombe’s distinctive Start Point Gin, delicious. Their Rosé Sainte Marie Gin is equally as splendid offering fragrant notes of lemon and Provence herbs, red fruit and a perfume of flowers.

Salcombe Gin Store – £40


Canaima Gin (47% ABV)

Our first ever feature of a gin from South America, Canaima hails from the Amazon Rainforest no less. This delicious gin features 10 locally sourced botanicals teamed with distinctive juniper berries. These botanicals include acai berries, uve de palma, copuazu and merey fruit, creating some truly unique notes you’ll never have experienced before. You’ll certainly be back for more… yum! Try with a slice of grapefruit and Indian tonic water.

The Whisky Exchange – £37


Dancing Dragontail Summer Gin (48% ABV)

Created by the Gin Kitchen in Surrey, Dancing Dragontail is named after a Cambodian butterfly and really is a unique small batch gin. The distinctive, classic bottle is a nod to the traditional copper pot it is still distilled in alongside its delicious botanicals, which include Kosovan juniper, green cardamom and pink grapefruit. The notes are zesty, fresh, light, well-balanced and aromatic – yes, there is a lot going on here, but we LOVE it. This is absolutely perfect to get you dancing through the wild flower meadows!

Master of Malt – £43


Mermaid Pink Gin (38% ABV)

Ahhhhh… how can we leave out Mermaid Gin. Still our favourite bottle design, the original Mermaid Gin certainly left a lasting impression with us. The Isle Of Wight’s only distillery has made a sister gin in the form of this special fruity little number. Try and imagine English strawberries with a smidge of Mermaid’s signature rock samphire, which when combined offers an intensity of aromatic flavours. Serve with a strawberry! She’s complex yet refined, my kind’a gin! 

Master of Malt – £ 36


Mirabeau Rosé Gin (43% ABV)

Possibly better known for their delicious rosé wines, Mirabeau is a wine estate near Saint Tropez. Lucky for us they’ve decided to launch a rosé gin into the collection, which has already picked up a gold medal at the World Gin Awards 2020. Distilled using scented grape alcohol extracted during the alcohol lowering process for one of their most coveted wines, Mirabeau Rosé gin is rounded and deliciously fruity. You’ll get acres of fresh citrus with earthy undertones and spring flowers and herbs. Vive La France!

Waitrose – £30 (and worth every penny!)


Caorunn Scottish Raspberry Gin (41.8% ABV)

The Scots are a very proud nation, and so they should be when they pop out gins like this. Infused by Perthshire Raspberries as well as Carounn’s usual other 11 botanicals no less, this is as it suggests; fruity yet soft, clean yet deep… and it loves to linger on the tongue!

This is a small batch gin available in 50cl bottles and is best served with plain tonic or perhaps lemonade, not forgetting the raspberry garnish!

Master of Malt – £ 21


Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin (40% ABV)

Hailing from the rugged North coast of Spain, Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin is an absolute must for Summer. It’s easy to see why there are so many positive reviews for this gin, some claiming it just can’t be beaten. Expect a perfume of citrus, floral and juniper notes, alongside some more rather unusual ingredients such as eucalyptus, sea bean and marsh samphire. This delightful gin is distilled using locally grown Albariño grapes, which are known for their sweetness. Serve with a sprig of basil and some straight forward Indian tonic water… no need to complicate this one!

Master of Malt – £ 36


Pogues Irish Whisky (40% ABV)

If you remember the Pogues (where have you been if not?!) you’ll recall they launched onto the scene with Irish eccentricity by the bucket load. Now imagine bottling that…  Distilled in West Cork by WCD, you’ll experience hints of sweet malt, honey, chocolate and roasted nuts. It leaves you with sweet on the tongue, yet a very delicate balance. In true Irish fashion, we tried this in an Irish Coffee whilst listening to The Pogues Best Hits… this is the life!

Amazon – £26


Smokehead (43% ABV)

If you love smokey, thick peat character in your whisky, you’ll have met your match right here. The depth of this delight is hard to describe, we get fruity sweetness, sherry, sultanas, dark chocolate and… that peaty smoke, which just keeps giving. One of the reviews suggest it’s like drinking an ‘Arbroath Smokie’ and we have to agree! Delicious on ice.

Master of Malt – £37


Damoiseau Les Arranges Pineapple Victoria (30% ABV)

Woahhhh… what do we have here then! A very funky rum liqueur that we can guarantee you’ve never tried before no less. Infused with Victoria pineapple and a vanilla pod this will have you feeling summery the  moment it touches your lip. To taste, you get the immediate depth of delicious agricole rum, followed by a fruity party that JZ would be proud of on the tongue. Could this little tipple spark a revolution in rums… I truly hope so!

Master of Malt – £ 42

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