Hush, Mayfair – Review

When a girlfriend calls with a crisis there is only one cure. Cocktails and food. Often followed by more cocktails.

Our choice of venue: Hush. A cool new uber trendy Mayfair bar and restaurant noted for its fabulous cocktail menu and even more fabulous cuisine. Step inside and you`ll find yourself rubbing shoulders with a heady mix of city slickers and stunning fashionistas. Fresh from the office and straight off the catwalk they stumble in thirsty for a great night out. We started upstairs on mix of martinis and daiquiris decorated with real flowers and fresh fruit, simply gorgeous.

Sitting on leather stools sipping our Brazilian `Salto emotions` the world suddenly seemed a rosier, kinder place. The night got even better when we were called to dinner downstairs and seated in their sparkling white dining room that served up delights that included lobster spaghetti, hand cut chips dipped in homemade mayonnaise and whole roasted sea bream. With 70 wines available by the glass we decided to keep it simple and opted for a crisp glass of Pinot Grigio and lots of sparkling water! What at first seemed a mountain/-challenging amount of food seemed to ease with the course of the evening. It all went, we cleaned out plates, mended our wounded hearts and declared Hush a success. Not that it needs our vote, the place was brimming with customers all falling out smug and satisfied into the west end air. Now I know why it`s called Hush, this place is so fantastic you just want to keep it secret.



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