Oblix – London’s sky-high cocktail bar

Oblix – London’s sky-high cocktail bar might be half way up the Shard but there are no half measures, when it comes to drinks. The Oblix bar team are aficionados and enthusiasts who are leading men in the theatre of this most glamorous world of spirits in a most glamorous location. And they take things to whole new level at London’s highest cocktail lounge. This super stylish cocktail crow’s nest opens its doors and shares its shakers with visiting cocktail kings This global operation is called bar jacking. Oblix can truly be said to put the high in bar jacking.

The initiative goes by the name of Top Guns. The Oblix bar team kit themselves out in fighter pilot gear and other nods to the iconic film,  which streaked hot blood through the blue skies. From Oblix there is a ringside view of planes climbing out of London City Airport… a backdrop which money can’t buy and gives extra zest to the zing of the inventive cocktail list. Each of these world-renowned mixologists create their own Oblix “Top Guns” cocktails, which will then become a permanent part of the Oblix drinks menu. The aim is to create a ‘unique serve’ and they certainly give a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘hot shots’. A multi-nationality multi-talented team.

Overseeing this ambitious initiative is bar manager Aaron Masonde who has to act as ringmaster for an eclectic team of high energy bar staff who shake with fearsome vigour. No easy task. And his skills of keeping this very animated show on the road were put to the test with arrival of big name cocktail meisters, top guns at the top their game. These are showman shakers who make up a lively cast of guest stars. And stars they were for this bar jacking showcase of talents from around the world. Dressed with pizzazz. A trio of bar top talent – two were big hitters from stateside.

Scott Baird owner and operator of Trick Dog in San Francisco and winner of the World’s Best Cocktail Menu of 2017. Plus Nectaly Mendoza, Owner & operator of Herbs & Rye in Las Vegas, winner of the World Best High Volume Cocktail Bar of 2016.

From increasingly cocktail savvy Paris Oblix welcomed Remy Savage, Head Bartender of Little Red Door in Paris, rated as one of the Top 4 Best International Cocktail Bar of 2017.

These visiting bar stars created blends set to find their way onto the permanent cocktail list.

Lussorian was bedazzled by the bespoke menu of Top Guns concoctions.  From the tempting selection the choice was narrowed down to two – after much thought – a Ponceno Punch and Lost Generation order was placed. And we were not disappointed. The punch promised lemon, honey and cognac plus oak spiced tones and it delivered. The Lost Generation included hints of celery bitters and the unmistakable mellow hit of chartreux. Served up with panache plus a dash of fancy dress this was an unforgettable cocktail, and that was even before looking out at the cityscape as the night drew in and London lit up. All cocktails come with added tang supplied by the view of the Walkie Talkie, Gherkin with a twist of Canary Wharf. A truly unique blend.



Take My Breath Away is the signature tune from the movie and the same can be said for the cocktails in the Top Gun capsule collection and that is even before adding that indefinable added ingredient of London’s most spectacular cocktail bar backdrop. A backdrop some 32 floors high.

Coming soon is a chance to sample Girl Power behind the bar. The next events in Oblix’s “Top Guns” Bar Jacking series promise to be equally as dynamic, with globally famous lady bartenders.  Let’s hear it for the girls!

Authored by Toby Rose

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