Acciuga Restaurant, London – Review

This summer saw the opening of Acciuga, a wonderful new Italian located on Kensington High Street, the creation of super star young chef Guglielmo Arnuflo. Readers let me astonish you: he is twenty-four. TWENTY-FOUR! Running a five star quality restaurant was certainly the last thing on my mind at that age so I have to admire this talented young man from Liguria, a beautiful town in Northern Italy.


Guglielmo has brought his home to our capital in his cooking and thank heavens he has, who wouldn`t be tempted by wild boar ravioli, pumpkin cappuccino and cuttlefish risotto? It`s earthy rustic food served exquisitely and my partner and I loved it! Arnuflo has kept dishes simple, homely, rich in taste and yet somehow just contemporary enough for a Kensington audience.


Thankfully we found there was no pretension just great quality, from food itself to the service, the presentation and even the little touches (morsels of focaccia bread, complimentary truffles, limoncello etc), the evening was a delight. Personally I`d recommend the Ligurian Seabass that was light and incredibly fresh, it allows room for a starter and shared desert such as the best veal tartar ever to grace our British shores and little pots of chocolate mousse to take the bitterness out of that last espresso. Wine lovers will be pleased to know they can order by glass so it`s worth doing as we did and opting for something regional, the grape seemed to compliment it`s produce and transports you away from London.

A highly enjoyable evening and a highly recommended Italian, make it your Friday night out!


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