Glenfiddich 2008 Vintage Reserve

Glenfiddich have announced that the selection process for it’s annual Vintage Reserve has been completed. For any collector or investor in high end whisky, this is an event worth noting.


The selection was conducted by Malt Master David Stewart and an international panel of experts who selected cask number 4414 for it’s complex 31 year old Glenfiddich.

The aged cask has been in storage at the distillery since 7th March 1977. Head Cooper, Don Ramsay, repaired and prepared the Oloroso sherry butt (cask) prior to filling all those years ago while Head Warehouseman Eric Stephen, who was on hand to draw the samples, has been responsible for ensuring the cask`s security and condition has remained intact. The pair has been working together at the distillery for more than 45 years.

Malt Master – David Stewart said:

`The selection panel really experienced the wide possibilities of aroma and flavour produced from one cask to the next. In our shortlist we had two casks filled on the same day, yet they were markedly different in colour, nose and taste from each other.`

`Having such an international panel has been a great experience, with the common language of whisky being a strong binding factor. The whisky from the six casks varied in colour from a light golden to a red hue and the flavours from delicate citrus notes to more distinctive dried fruits and spicy sherried flavours. The selected Glenfiddich has a hint of malt cereal, lemon balm, light smokiness and leather characteristics that the panel all agreed would be worthy of a Glenfiddich Vintage Reserve.`

The limited edition single cask release is restricted to around 450 bottles with a retail price of somewhere around £375 ($750 approx).

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