Probably the Most Luxurious Watch in the World

I’m not a big fan of Tag Heuer. Their brand some how seems tainted by the huge influx of replicas from the east and the designs have been less than inspiring for many a year. I guess it might have been a case of resting on laurels a little bit.

However, I finally think Tag have come up with a watch that lives up to their incredibly inflated prices.

It’s called the Tag Heuer Calibre and is really, really, really something special. Here’s the lowdown:


  • The chronograph (the clever bit that runs the watch) is now accurate to within 1/100th of second. Ok, “when will I ever need that” I hear you say. True, unless of course you’re an Olympic 100m sprint official! But that’s not the point – it’s simply a cool feature/talking point for a mechnical time piece. Obviously a digital watch could do this in it’s sleep but where’s the style in that!.
  • The chronograph runs on a maze of 230 wheels and cogs making it the most accurate mechanical watch ever made.
  • It’s taken five years to develop.
  • The wind up mechanism oscillates 360,000 times and hour. That’s a lot.
  • The design is based on the iconic Tag Moncao model worn by the legend Steve McQueen.
  • At the back of the watch you can see those 230 wheels and cogs at work.

We understand that Tag intend to release a male and female version late this year (I imagine just in time for Christmas) probably retailing for around $15,000 (£10,000). Umm tempting.

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