Get the closest shave on the market with Braun Series 7

Looking for a high-performance, premium and self-cleaning shaving device? If so, the Braun Series 7 offers all of this and more. The Braun Series 7 (7-790cc model)is one of the best all round systems on the market. It’s not every day you find a shaver, which automatically cleans, charges, lubricates and dries your itself at the touch of a button. We are very impressed.

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The performance

The performance of this device and the overall user experience provided by thAID-A03-0013259_Series_7_790cc-7_Product_images_JP_02e Series 7 is sublime. Thanks to a lot of tricks under the bonnet, this shaver does not just have a pretty face, but it also creates some fantastic results. For example, intelligent Sonic Technology with 10,000 micro vibrations allows the shaver to adjust itself slightly to your face for an optimal shave. The shaver is also designed with a pivoting head to allow you to manually get into all the nooks and crannies too. We found it super easy to navigate the face and hit every last hair.

ActiveLift™ technology is also at play here and this allows for flat-lying hair (you know, the really awkward ones that usually get left behind!), gets picked up too. Plus, the quality of the OptiFoil technology gives an acute closeness and we are assured this foil will last for quite some time.

One thing we loved is that the device can be altered to fit various skin types. With the Series 7 you can select “extra sensitive”, “normal” or “intensive”, dependant on how you want your shave. So, if like me, you have very sensitive skin, you know that you aren’t going to be left red faced and sore.


As you can see, there is an abundant amount of smart technology behind this device, which makes it more than just the run of the mill shaver. It is so much more than that and the results speak for themselves. This is not a cheap shaver, but it is certainly worth every penny.

Another key detail you might be interested by is the charging time; the Series 7 takes 1 hour to fully charge and from here you can shave to your hearts content for up to 45 minutes. However, if you are looking for a shave and the battery is dead, then there is also a quick charge setting too.maxresdefault

Clean & Renew system

Now, this is where the Series 7 excelled like no other. Yes, the device is 100% washable and waterproof, but you may not need to test that out fully. Braun have given this shaver its patented Clean & Renew system™ and this will completely revolutionise how you perceive shaving.

What is the Clean & Renew system?

One of the key issues with using a shaver day to day is that you have to pay special attention to their upkeep and really make an effort to clean out unwanted hair. However, with this new system, all you have to do is place your shaver into the station and it will then be cleaned, dried and lubricated for your next use. No need to use those tiny brushes to get into the mechanics of the shaver and clean it, this device takes care of everything. This can all be tracked using the shavers LCD screen, on which you can see the battery level and the level of hygiene (to tell you how clean your shaver is). For us, this took the Series 7 into a completely different league to other shavers and made it a must buy. The system is so efficient that it kills 99.9% of germs.


What’s in the Box

  • Braun Series 7-790cc-3 shaver
  • Travel pouch
  • Mains charger
  • Clean & Renew System
  • Clean & Renew Refill Cartridge

To purchase the Series 7-790cc shaver (RRP £299.99), please visit Boots, Tesco, Amazon, Argos, larger supermarkets and other good electrical retailers.

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