Fancy Buying an Island in Belize?

If you’re Richard Branson then you probably won’t want to buy another island. But anybody else aspiring for that level of secluded privacy and with money to burn might want to consider this $25,000,000 island off the coast of Belize.


Currently marketed on Luxury Real Estate it is described as follows:

“Upon your arrival in Belize City you transfer directly to a boat to take you out to the island. The run out takes about one hour and a half and is a pleasant trip through palm fringed island surrounded by sparkling open waters. Finally in the distance, lining the horizon the Turneffe Islands appear, a string of palm trees bordering them, dazzling and inviting. As you near the islands, the water changes color from the deepest blue, to azure, to aquamarine, to palest green where crystalline waters lap the white coral sand beaches. At the dock, it will be hard to pull your eyes from the teeming waters and the adjacent coral flats with the promise of bonefish and permit fishing. Turneffe offers a fantastic variety of saltwater fishing as well as a diverse number of activities for non-anglers and divers looking for a relaxing tropical vacation. The variety of marine life found here is astounding — colorful sponges, countless species of coral, tunicates, anemones, starfish, turtles, spectacular fish and dolphins.

This the largest private island left for sale in Belize, and unlike many others that are most mangroves, this island has superb beaches and high ground 14 feet above sea-level. It undoubtedly presents the best opportunity left in Belize for the situation of a large scale luxury resort. There are several areas of the island ideal for development, with the area along half Moon Bay having the largest area suitable for development. Lambey Bay and Bull Bay also both have large beaches, and the cleared area available for development I approximately 70-80 acres. As a comparison the neighbouring island has a developed beach property of 14 acres with 2,000 feet of beach and a 4,250 square foot luxury villa is for sale for $4.7 million.”

Sounds like paradise!

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