House Babylon Luxury Bedding review

There’s a bedding revolution already here and it’s waving the House Babylon flag. Seeing the gap in the uber luxury bedding market, this innovative and energetic boutique company have carved a niche by cutting out the complexity of choice and extortionate pricing that many of their well-known competitors are guilty of.

Using 600 thread 100% authentic Egyptian cotton sourced ethically, these products are built to last whilst retaining a firm structure and without losing any aspect of the comfort.

Traditionally luxury, high thread count Egyptian cotton has always commanded a hefty price tag, a consumer mindset that House Babylon have also challenged, thanks to their marketing transparency, simple supply chain process (i.e. no retailer markup) and direct to door delivery. This is a digital brand clearly set to disrupt an ancient and often thought of as antiquated industry, and good on them for doing so.

We recently had the opportunity to try some of House Babylon’s sheets out for ourselves. The customer experience from the moment your delivery arrives is clearly on the brand’s mind, with a delightful and luxury feel racing green branded box containing the sheets, which are tightly packed and beautifully wrapped. You almost feel it a crime to take them out and put them on your bed.

After admiring just how well the package looked for almost 10 minutes, we built up the courage to remove the sheets and place them on the bed. What is immediately apparent is just how strong the cotton feels, but also incredibly soft. The bed was finally made and the temptation to hit the hay at 3pm almost got the better of us! We certainly had a cheeky 15 minutes just enjoying the feel of the cotton, which was just lush. We’ll enjoy our first night in-between the sheets tonight and we’re already certain there will be no going back on quality after this.

We discussed price earlier and House Babylon’s transparency as well as dedication to the best value and can support the fact that a full set of Super King Sized sheets will set you back a super reasonable £225 (with free delivery), a similar set in the likes of The White Company will cost you almost double! That’s crazy.

As of this moment you’ve 3 colour ranges to select from; white, grey and green, and House Babylon have also ventured into luxury pillows and duvets (summer and winter).

Thanks to the likes of House Babylon, we lowly consumers can enjoy the feeling of sleeping better knowing we’re not being ripped off by crazy high street prices.

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