Dragan Flyer X4 – Boys Toy Extraordinaire!!

I first became aware of this remarkable video capturing tool watching a news piece about the Police using it to catch bad guys. It got me thinking.

The police have all the cool stuff; fast cars (that can actually be driven fast), tasers and CS gas, handcuffs….and now the best Boys Toy in the world! (I appreciate the need for such accesories, they do a tough job – Just an observation!)

The DraganFlyer X4 is now available for all. It’s uses are many. Weddings, promo vids, corporate days or just plain larking about. It can be purchased form air2air.com. On purchase, full training is provided.

We have all seen the base level radio controlled helicopters that you can get very cheaply. But, that is the problem, You get what you pay for. Most of these choppers cannot be used outside (because they blow away) and there is only a limited amount of time before you get told off for causing a spectacular crash in the living room.

If You want to do things properly, and I mean properly (!) The DraganFlyer X4 has it all. I am going to start with the military standard carry case it comes in. For most of you, that would just clinch it. “The packaging is military standard?”…I want one. I can hear you all now.

The DraganFlyer X4 uses a quad rotor design for flight stability and control when you`re taking photos and video. This means it is a joy to fly. Instant, responsive controls allow it to be totally manouvreable.

It can carry up to 250g and has four interchangeable camera attachments including infra-red and low light video cameras, as well as a the Panasonic Lumix 12.1MP camera capable of 720P video and a Micro Analog Board Camera that can capture a range aerial imagery and video.

The DraganFlyer X4 also includes flexible, shock absorbing and quick release landing gear, counter rotating carbon fibre rotor blades as well as offering fast deployment, remote surveillance capabilities and low-noise brushless motors.

You can also view videos and images instantly through the DraganEye video output goggles. Magnetometers, Accelerometers, and a Barometric Pressure Sensor all work together with an advanced flight computer to allow you to concentrate on capturing perfect aerial pictures and video.

You can hire this cool ‘copter for events, 2 hours will cost £500 but that does include a trained pilot.

If you decide to buy one of these, I want to be your new friend. A reasonable £13,090 comes with two days training…and that military standard carry case.

You could just be the most exciting wedding photographer around, a sound investment.

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