Luxury L`Occitan Shaving Guide from L`Occitane en Provence

L`Occitane has to be one of the most well-known producers of luxurious and top class female and male grooming products. The brand has an allegiance to the following ideals `authenticity, respect and sensoriality`, and these ideals really transcend into one of the finest Natural range of products around. Each individual piece is designed around sustainable natural ingredients, which are pulled together using techniques inherited from the traditions of Provence. I love L`Occitane and I couldn`t wait to share this with you.

Firstly, I wanted to draw attention to some of the products by L`Occitane which catered for male grooming, shaving and skin care; with this in mind, please read on to find my must-have L`Occitane guide for men. Go on, your face deserves it!

L`Occitan Shaving Gel (150ml), £13


This fresh gel explodes into a soft, silky and beautiful smelling mousse which is to be applied before you begin shaving. Let me tell you this, it is the silkiest out there and it makes shaving a real joy. It leaves the skin lightly scented, fresh feeling and as soft as a baby`s bum. Also, it`s dermatologically tested.

L’Occitan After-Shave Balm, £19.50


To finish of your shave routine, why not apply this fantastic balm, in order to sooth the skin and keep it moisturised. The balm comes in a rustic looking tube, which reminded me of a classic tube of paint and this was a nice little touch.
According to L`Occitane: `Enriched with protecting shea butter, moisturising vegetable-based glycerin, soothing bisabolol and firming extract of birch sap, this after shave balm immediately soothes the skin, preventing irritations and the feeling of tightness.

The light and fluid texture melts easily into the skin. Skin is comfortable, and is lightly perfumed with the aromatic spicy L`Occitan scent. `

I have to completely agree with this as the balm left my skin super smooth and smelling fantastic. I don`t think there is a balm out there which has as satisfying results as this one.

Shaving Bowl with Cade Soap, £29

This product, is from the Cade range, rather than the L`Occitan range that we have been looking at, but offers a great alternative to the L`Occitan Shaving Gel and may be more slightly suited to the more traditional shavers out there.


Made from 100 % recyclable non-oxidising aluminium, the shaving bowl is a touch of class in any bathroom and is super practical too. This little bowl is ideal for those who are looking for a classic shave.

Nestled within the bowl is a vegetable based Cade Shaving Soap – this soap can be worked up into a rich and sumptuous lather, which your face will really appreciate!. `Enrich with a complex of purifying and stimulating cade essential oil and anti-drying cold cream, it ensures a comfortable and smooth shave.`

To make the best use of this bowl we would recommend the L`Occitane Travel Shaving Brush – £16.50

L`Occitane really is the bee knees and here at Lussorian we love it!

Please keep your eyes peeled for a forthcoming piece on another exciting L`Occitane range for men!

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