Dr Rita Rakus- cosmetic consultant to the stars

As actresses like Demi Moore, Julia Roberts and Kylie hit 40 without so much as a grey hair it should come as no surprise that interest in non-invasive cosmetic procedures have risen amongst the general public.

Top beauty editors have had practitioners on speed dial for years now, they know the secret to staying young is more than just drinking gallons of green tea, and with magazines now recommending non invasive treatment as an essential part of a modern beauty routine I jumped at the chance to meet Dr Rita Rakus.

This highly regarded non-invasive practitioner is the master at creating Angelina pouts and consequently known by insiders as the `London lip queen`. Rita`s been running her successful Knightsbridge clinic for over 15 years now, her client list features several Hollywood stars and a number of famous TV presenters, in fact Amanda Holden recently told the Mail that her youthful appearance was down to Rita`s botox top ups and a skin smoothing treatment called `Thermage`. If the staff I met are anything to go by Amanda appears to be in safe hands- they all look about 21! Rita discussed treatments that tackle cellulite, reverse sun damage, soften fine lines and erase acne scars and all visitors receive before and after care. A number of the procedures can be fitted into a lunch hour so this is the perfect place for cash rich time poor professionals, indeed I noticed those walking in and then ( remarkably fresher faced) out of the building were a smartly attired, well groomed bunch. I felt quite at home flicking through copies of Tatler in the plush waiting room that felt rather like a five star hotel with it`s cushioned sofas, open fire and high ceiling.


So if looking fabulous for a wedding, holiday or special event is important to you this summer I recommend investigating the latest in beauty science, and a good place to start is at Dr Rakus, a five star cosmetic sanctuary just over the road from Harrods, so make it the ultimate shopping trip!

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Dr Rita Rakus

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