The best cheese hamper for Christmas

We recently sampled the fabulous La Cave Continental cheese hamper. Which was by our estimations the best cheese hamper we have ever tried here at Lussorian HQ.


The above picture does not reflect the hamper but gives you an idea of the cheeses involved here.

The sheer quality and complexity of the flavours coalesced together in this hamper are perfect for the Christmas period. Our only criticism was that we wished there was more of it!

Priced at £50 the hamper comprises:

• Valencay
(Delicate but flavoursome goats cheese, don’t let the mouldy exterior put you off)

• Manchego
(My favourite. A beautifully tasty cheese, perfect for loading onto a cracker or biscuit)

• Camembert
(Smooth and creamy as it should be)

• Le Welsche or Munster
(A nice balanced cheese)

• Gorgozonla Piccante
(Blue vein cheeses aren’t my favourite, but this one is beautifully delicate)

• 1 small Quince Paste
(Delicious sweet notes that balance the harshness of the cheeses)

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