The Ice Hotel Sweden and Northern Lights Trips

In 1989, Japanese ice artists visited Jukkasjrvi, a small villiage in Sweden. They created an exhibition of ice art. The following year, a french artist also exhibited his work in an igloo. The exhibition was popular. So much so, that there were no rooms available in the villiage.

Those without a room slept in the igloo with sleeping bags and reindeer skins.

The IceHotel was born!

I am a big fan of the IceHotel. From the small Igloo of 1990, the hotel is now regarded as an annual work of art. Each year, the owners try to improve.


Between 50,000 and 60,000 people stay each year. There are other ice Hotels, but this was the first and, in my eyes, still the best.

20 years on, the Ice Hotel Sweden is a wonder in itself.

This winter, however, there is possibly the best chance to see one of natures most glorious events – The Northern lights.

IceHotel will offer Northern Lights holidays and guided northern light tours by bus to its guests, every night. The world-famous hotel will find the best places in the area by studying the forecast and prognoses from IRF, the Swedish Institute of Space Physics, SMHI, Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute and local observers.

These Northern Lights trips are slap bang in the middle of where it`s all at.


IceHotel is located in the middle of the ring-shaped area known as auroral oval, the area around the Earth’s magnetic north pole where northern lights mainly appear.

The so-called sunspot cycle, the approximately eleven year long cycle when the number of sunspots varies widely, is during the next two to four years predicted to reach its maximum, which increases the chances of northern lights in the auroral oval in the coming years.

Now is the very best time to see the Northern lights. The IceHotel is the very best place to see the Northern lights.

As well as Natures greatest light show, the architectural magic and the remoteness of the IceHotel, it’s good to know that the food is not bad either!

The cuisine of IceHotel Restaurant has been featured in gourmet magazines around the world and has been awarded the prestigious Werner Voégeli Statuette.

This has to be one of Sweden’s best travel experiences.

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