Bernard Magrez`s Luxury Wine Tours.

If you know your wines you`ll be well aware that France`s Bordeaux region produces some of the finest. Bernard Magrez, owner of 35 vineyards world-wide and classed as one of France`s best known wine producers, has recently developed the unique concept of `Luxury wine tourism`.

From February 2009 Mr. Magrez is opening the doors to some of his most remarkable chateaux in Bordeaux for visitors who enjoy the finer things in life including history, culture, luxury surrounds and of course… fine wine.

You`ll be able to take yourself back to the thirteenth century and explore the religious history, artwork and artefacts at Chateau Pape-Clement, once owned by Pope Clement V, and then before wine-tasting and dining out, visit the Art Nouveau pavilion designed by Gustave Eiffel.

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Discover the poetic connection between the great philosopher Montaigne and Chateau La Tour Carnet and find out about the recent Iron Age unearthing at Chateau Fombrauge all before being whisked away by helicopter or Rolls Royce to a remarkable golf course, gourmet restaurant or spa retreat.

Every tour is tailor made to the desires of each guest, and Mr Magrez welcomes groups of two people or more to visit his chateaux for the day or to stay for short breaks. He has also ensured that the stress be taken out of travelling and replaced with comfort if so desired by providing a private jet upon request able to fly you from any major capital city straight to Bordeaux. A helicopter and Rolls Royces are also on hand to chauffeur you in style around the stunning rural landscapes of the region and the sites of the historic city of Bordeaux.

Prices start from around £800 per person and optional extras include private jet travel in the Falcon 50 from any major capital city worldwide to Bordeaux, golfing, a boat trip at the Arcachon Bay, gourmet cooking lessons, evenings at the ballet or opera, health spa, and private concert.


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