Dirty Martini Covent Garden Review

This Dirty Martini can be found just off the bustling square of Covent Garden and it`s definitely one of my favourite spots in the area. Now, I feel bad telling you this, as I don`t want this little gem to get overly busy, but I will – because I have to. This cocktail bar is a fantastic place to pick up a top quality cocktail after a day of trampling those famous cobbled streets and I had a great time there last week. Only recently re-opened after a full refurbishment, this cocktail bar is one of the hottest places about.


The atmosphere and décor seems to neatly reflect the Dirty Martini I recently visited in Hanover square, however, because of the location and better staff, I really prefer this one. Smart, dark and sleek, the décor makes for a relaxing vibe. Also, it makes the bar feel classy but not overly pretentious. I felt really comfortable here and I didn`t want to leave, although this may have been down to quality of the cocktails.

The Drinks

We found some of these cocktails to be absolutely top class, but the one we really enjoyed was the Chocolate Martini – it was simply divine. According to Dirty martini the cocktail is a mix of `Absolut Vanilla Vodka, Frangelico hazelnut liqueur and Créme de Cacao, shaken with cream and cocoa.` All of these elements combined into a rich and creamy delight, with the cocoa and hazelnut flavours working together perfectly.

Feeling a bit like Don Draper, I tried one of the Old Fashioned cocktails. Now, these things will absolutely blow your head off and they aren`t for the feint hearted. I really enjoyed mine but beware as the Woodfords Reserve Bourbon whiskey comes pretty much alone and is ruthless for those who can`t handle their drink.


We also tried a classic Mai Tai and found it live up to my expectations and really did go down well – maybe too well!

The staff were also really attentive and very well organised. Having been to many a cocktail bar and seen examples of really poor service, it was great to see a good team working well together. O and by the way, entry is free ALL night. I highly recommend this bar to anyone.

For more information, click here: http://dirtymartini.uk.com/

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