£12.95 million Beaufort Gardens, Knightsbridge apartment

A plan to turn Beaufort Gardens in Knightsbridge into one of the Uk’s most luxurious residences is coming to fruition. imageimage High end property developer Nicholas Trimmatis is the mastermind behind these apartments which range from £3.5 million to £12.95 million. There are some luxury `James Bond style` features which include: • A state of the art security system – Including thumb print key pads and a special sensor that sends texts messages to the owner if there is a problem. • Access to the five star concierge services of the luxury Parkes Hotel across the square. This is a luxury product that might just avoid the pitfalls of the credit crunch – or at least that’s the hope……. Nicholas Trimmatis says some reasons for this are because:

“There are more millionaires living in London than ever before and demand has never been higher. When you are looking to spend over £10 million issues such as credit crunch don`t affect you London has benefitted by a surge in the number of millionaires – not just from traditional countries such as Russia and the Middle East – but new super powers such as China and India.”

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