The ultimate off road RC car Traxxas Slash with On Board Audio

On the quest for the ultimate off road RC car we stumbled across the Traxxas Slash VXL 4WD with On Board Audio. If you’ve not yet discovered this American brand, then you need to take note. Forget your Tamiya cars and such like, these guys rule the radio waves. Nope they’re not as cheap, but there’s a good reason for that.


Traxxas cars are built to last, designed to impress and gives the driver far greater control and stability on loose and slippery ground. The brand offers a range of options from affordable to professional RC toys, but seeing as we’re discussing ‘luxury’ on this site we wanted to bring your attention to Traxxas Slash VXL 4WD with On Board Audio.

Now this little electric thunderbolt is fully waterproof (all weather), comes complete with a 8.4V battery and DC charger and remarkably, an onboard sound system! Yup, you read that right. Now you’ll scare even more dogs away down the park with this beast of a car. Taken from an actual recording of the full size Short Course truck that is raced by Mike Jenkins the owner of Traxxas, you can hear the the turbines whir in the background as you rev the car up.

Buy here – RRP £429.99.

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