Coffee so good it needs to be retrieved from animal poo!

How much would you pay to drink a cup of coffee made from beans that are hand picked out of animal poo?

Say £20 on a single cup?


If so, now`s your chance, Hervey’s Range Heritage Tea Rooms located at the top of the Hervey Range, west of Townsville, Australia is your place.

The coffee itself is made from rare Kopi Luwak beans, which are retrieved from the droppings of the Luwak, a cat-like member of the civet family which is found in the jungles of Indonesia.

The Luwaks apparently eat the ripe coffee cherries, but the inner bean is not digested, meaning they can be retrieved from the animal’s droppings. The beans, which are then washed and given only a light roast so as to not destroy the complex flavours – cost $1250 per kilogram.

The taste is apparently sweet and smooth – but surely you`d find it a struggle to get the thught out of your head of Luwaks poo whilst driking it!

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