The Meat Company, Westfield, London – Review

Westfield Shopping Centre (London) is one of the world’s largest and is home to some of the biggest retail names in the business. But we didn’t visit for the jewellery or the shoes, we visited to try out one of the newest additions to the centre – The Meat Company restaurant.

To begin with we kicked back and relaxed with a couple of cocktails on offer in the restaurant`s PUZA cocktail bar. It`s nearly summer and we think we had the perfect drink for to welcome in the sun. The Porn Star Martini made with the classic blend of passion fruit, lemon juice, Absolut Vodka and Passoa was brilliantly balanced and great value at only £8.75. If this drink isn’t for you, fear not. The menu is eclectic and catering to all taste needs – just dive in! The perfect start for a meal this summer we feel!

From Puza we moved on upstairs and to the main restaurant. The expansive environment of the restaurant itself is modern, refined, vibrant and elegant all in one. We really enjoyed the combination of class and comfort here – truly enjoyable just to take a seat and watch the world go by. The staff are also some of the best around are perfectly friendly and attentive to everyone’s needs. Take a look!



The menu begins with a selection of dishes which would please most diners. Salt & Pepper Calamari was a really fantastic introduction to the menu Pineapple-scored calamari, lightly tossed in salt, pepper & spiced flour was the perfect partner to a homemade Nam Jim sauce, which lifted the dish and married well with the calamari.This was definitely my kind of food and I was loving it. For something a little more hands on, but still as gorgeously cooked, try the chicken wings with blue cheese sauce & rocket leaves.

However, it is with the selection of fine cuts of meat where The Meat Company should (because of its title) be at the top it`s field and excel. In fact, we can honestly say, the quality of produce and care for preparing the produce if extremely high. Right up there with the best . The menu is a plethora of great cuts and we couldn`t wait to dive in.

In order to give the cuts a chance to shine I went for one of the gems on the menu – the 700g T-Bone for £50. The menu detailed that the steak had been grass fed & dry aged, then flame-grilled with their internationally renowned unique house basting. The result was a tremendous celebration of how steak really should be – big, bold and full of flavour. Topped off with the homemade bernaise sauce and a bottle of Malbec, this was a real winner. If you aren`t a fan of such large steaks and want something a little more deinty and refined – I would fully recommend the super ages fillet steak. The fillet melted away in the mouth and, again, was utterly delicious. In fact, certain cuts are matured on the premises, dry aged for 30 days and then wet aged to ensure the succulence of the steak is top notch.

To satisfy the sweet tooth after the meal, the Créme brulee infused with Madagascan vanilla bean and a strawberry sorbet was a simultaneously refreshing and indulgent desert. From start to finish, the menu is clean, simple and clever in its simplicity.

The Meat Company is the perfect way to indulge yourself in some of the best produce and simple. The honest and hearty style was underpinned with just enough elegance to elevate the entire meal. Gorgeous. We recommend a visit to The Meat Co. whether you are in the area or not!

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