Autumn 2020 Seltzers and Cocktails

As Autumn sets in, so does our need to bring ourselves inside for the Winter months. Cosy evenings by the log burner, getting stuck into a good book in your favourite armchair, and long conversations shared over a delicious meal. What better way to enhance these activities than a selection of quick and simply wonderful canned drinks and bar quality cocktails. We’ve been very lucky to sample the ‘best of the best’ when it comes to 2020’s must-try hard seltzers, pre-made and canned cocktails.

VACAY 5.2% – 6.5% ABV

Vacay are a new premium lineup of some our favourites cocktails, with exceptionally vibrant illustrative designed cans. Packing the saturated punch that you’d expect from a talented mixologist in a stylish modern bar, the assortment does not disappoint and the selection covers all the palatable bases. It was really hard to pick our favourite, each carefully bringing its own brand to the table – but if we HAD to choose – it would have to be the Paloma. Blanco Tequila made from double-distilled 100% Blue Weber agave in a rich grapefruit and lime juice finished with a simple soda. Treat yourself, “Have a Vacay!”

Moore House Cocktails 31% – 36% ABV Classic staple cocktails from our friends at Moore House London. Part of their extended collection of must try tipples, these beautiful little numbers come in a charming bottle with an assortment of garnishes. Our favourite amongst the set has to be the Manhattan – slightly sweeter than a traditional Manhattan, the Moore house Manhattan utilises a blend of Cocchi Di Torino and Carpano Antica Vermouths, with a touch of cherry juice and a drop of angostura bitters. Delicious. These were designed for the cocktail lovers!

Fountain Hard Seltzer 5% ABV Hailing from across the pond, Fountain Hard Seltzer is now available in the UK! The ‘Hard Seltzer Storm’ has arrived, and these cans are lean on calories and carbs, vegan, gluten free, 100% recyclable…the list goes on! Crafted with H20 from deep within the Adirondoack Mountains, these gems come in a super sized 355ml can that contain 5% ABV. We’re fond of the passion fruit flavour with the effervescent cleanliness of a classic G+T and the aromatic notes of a tropical holiday.

Long Shot 4% ABV The “goldilocks” of the canned beverage market, Long Shot drinks are just right! Not overly sweet like traditional sugary cocktails and not more of the same – Long Shot sits place themselves at the front when it comes to a refreshing sip, full of flavour. The best part about these cans is the flavour selection is sourced from all-natural, British made fruit (except the pesky grapefruit!) Raspberry & Blackcurrant is a bit of us – natural, luscious and low in calories….so you can have twice as much!

58 Gin Hard Seltzer 4% ABV The ever popular 58Gin have joined the hard seltzer movement – complimenting their perfectly crafted gins with sparkling water. These beverages are created using reverse osmosis – enhancing the purity and carrying the taste of the gin. Available in raspberry and grapefruit, each beverage is completely natural, gluten free and vegan. Guilt free artisan seltzer – a must have for anyone venturing into this new, and exciting realm of modern drinks. Be sure to check out their gin range as well!

Croft Twist 5.5% ABV We’re all familiar with Croft Sherry – but as part of a new venture to bring their beverages to the on-the-go drinks market – Croft Twist is a refreshing look at a staple brand. Each can is a take on the refreshing Andalusian ‘rebujito’ made from Fino sherry, lemon and mint with slightly sparkling micro bubbles. To pimp your drink be sure to add sliced basil leaves and a twist of lemon. Divine.

Lanique Love Potion We adore Lanique, we first tried their absolutely delectable Spirit of Rose last year – and we were so happy to hear they have created a new bottled cocktail rightfully named ‘Love Potion’. Crafted from “The Attar of Rose” – a liquid that is more valuable, gram for gram, than gold itself! ‘Love Potion’ was first created by legendary bartender Dick Bradsell (1959 – 2016), the Rose Petal Martini adds the unique Lanique brand to one of our favourite cocktails – the Martini. If there is one drink every cocktail aficionado should try this year, it should be this. This potion is made from Lanique Spirit of Rose with London Dry Gin, Fresh Lychee, Peychaud’s Bitter and Citrus. Perfect for your loved one, or a moment to yourself.

Clean and Press 5% ABV Rather than traditional fermentation like some US Seltzers – Brewdog have spiked theirs with their single malt Rogue Wave Vodka. Brewdog are renowned for their punchy flavours throughout their beverage range – and these drinks stick to that ethos. The Crushed Black Cherry flavour was beautiful, with a velvet berry undertone complimented with crisp, clean bubbles. We also thoroughly appreciate the bravery with the other flavour choices – not your run-of-the-mill generic choices – and there is something luxury about that.

Twist  5% ABV

This is the very popular TWIST Hard Seltzer range, it’s the first hard seltzer in the world in an awesome aluminium bottle, used for its sustainability – it also cools quicker in the fridge! Made from triple distilled neutral grain spirit produced in London – the end product is a bright, tangy and sweet flavour, with invigorating bubbles.

It was genuinely impossible to pick our favourite flavour – each one boasts its own speciality, the strawberry and rhubarb is splendid, and has that perfect British pic-nic flavour, the passion fruit and pineapple is perfectly tropical, whilst the apple and lime has the sweet to sour crunch, that leaves your craving another sip.
Pair these with good times, laughter, nibbles and parties!

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