Mountain Buggy +One review

Is it me or are there more and more parents pushing around buggies these days more suited to a rugged landscape? Maybe dads are driving the demand, wanting bigger and better buggies or maybe it`s the fact that we need a buggy to go more places than just round the park. What I do know is that the Mountain Buggy + One is the equivalent of a Range Rover, pimped up!

This buggy is similar to many of the other makes on the market, with its 3 x inflatable tyres and front and back seating, you`d be forgiven for mixing it up with other similar models, however the difference here is that it is far more rugged we`d say. Yes, it has a longer wheel base than much of the competition and it`s, well, bigger too, but this is built to serve, and serve you well it will!

It`s very similar in look and feel to the Phil & Ted`s Verve, almost identical close up, and feels the same. It is built by the same company after all. The +One is designed to carry lots of weight and size, has a very large storage area underneath and can be converted into a pushchair for an older child with special needs.


As with most Phil & Teds & Mountain Buggy buggies, it`s dead simple to set up (8 minutes from opening the box in fact!). The seat is incredibly easy to adjust as is the hood to attach, the larger than average wheels need a little pumping up, but then you are good to go. The buggy comes with a very handy rotating handlebar, and the hood allows you to follow the sun, which is a fantastic design idea.

The +One has a tandem feature, whereby you can either attach a cocoon or second seat behind the front seat. Incredibly, there`s plenty of room for two kids and is far easier than pushing a tandem along, which can often get disapproving looks on the pavement. Be aware that with the seat behind means that you have to lift your child into the back if you have already put a child in front, however the front seat folds down if you don`t have a child in the front of course.

What we love about the + One is the pushability factor; you simply can`t fault it, it`s smooth, responsive, comfortable and feels incredibly safe. It is relatively heavy, so you may struggle with on a plane or on the Underground, but, out and about, can`t be touched, especially if you live in a rural place. The balance is fantastic, with a sturdy front wheel on the ground at all times, even off curbs.

To summarise, the +One is a welcome addition to the outdoor family, it goes everywhere and anywhere and is an exciting ride for the kids. It may not be the best urban pram, but then it`s not necessarily designed to be. It`s a work horse and a good one at that. Country walks, trips to the beach and even the park. It`s also a head turner, it just looks macho, every dad`s dream pram right!

The + One starts at £449.


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