Art lovers Christmas Gift – 1001 Paintings You Must See before You Die

In the run up to Christmas, we like to keep an eye out for gifts relevant to Lussorian and its readership.

We think we have found the perfect Art lovers Christmas Gift, `1001 Paintings You Must See before You Die`.


This is a new revised version of the book which has sold more than 300,000 copies worldwide in 15 different languages. 1001 Paintings You Must See Before You Die now includes the most exciting newly discovered pieces of recent years.

This extraordinary 960 page book has been created by celebrated English painter Stephen Farthing, with every image accompanied by entertaining and informative text that is delivered by an international team of artists, curators, art critics and art collectors.

The paintings are all set out in chronological sequence spanning the 13th to the 21th century, the book weds the world`s best known paintings with a wealth of previously obscured or overlooked pieces.

It puts together the most significant paintings from across time, from Ancient Egyptian to Renaissance, Pre-Raphaelite to Symbolist, Surrealist to Avant-Pop. All of these works come together to form the most memorable, haunting, powerful, important, controversial and visually arresting collection of paintings that has ever been created.

Each entry illuminates both the painting and the painter and makes an irrefutable case for the inclusion of each piece in this definitive list. Readers are engaged in each painting`s subject matter and conception, and the myths and fame surrounding them, creating a rich and adventurous overview of this sensational collection that is guaranteed to entertain, inform and surprise.

This most perfect Art lovers Christmas Gift is available on Amazon for just £12.80!

The Times “A bible of masterpieces full of images and information.”

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