The Fastest Jetski in the World

Speed may not be everything when it comes to luxury. But if you’ve got the ultimate yacht you’re going to need the ultimate Jetski! With a top speed of 70 mph the Seadoo RXP is undoubtedly nimble if a little scary for the novice.


Billed as the most powerful two seater craft on the market Seadoo describe it as follows:

“There are those content to watch the world go by. On the RXP, the world watches you go by. With 215 horses, race-bred handling and an electric Variable Trim System, it’s no wonder the RXP has dominated the Musclecraft Shootout for two years running. And when the sun bounces off the sleek chrome details, the only question is whether the human head can turn fast enough.”

Undoubtedly a great machine but I think my money would be with something a little more sedate.

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