Saville Row Custom Suits By Mark Marengo.

Did you know you can now get a suit from Tesco for £15? Great value you may think, but for me this is not the way to go when looking to purchase a new suit. Value for money for me needs to give me something back. I have found a suit that does.

Before I unleash the fine piece of styling and craftmanship that is a Saville Row Mark Marengo suit on you, I need to go back to Tesco. We are in a recession, but where do you compromise on quality and at what level? A suit is meant to convey an air of professionalism and class. Can a £15 suit do this? What message would it instead send out?

As I have said, We are in a recession and that`s why there is an even greater emphasis on all things luxury. We should not feel guilty for splurging a bit of hard earned on something really rather special, like saville row custom suits. It has to be better to do this than go for second best (or in this case third, fourth, fifth…?)

Now, a bespoke suit from Savile Row taylors Mark Marengo, says everything to me. With every aspect of the suit is made to the your requirements, a bespoke suit is totally unique – Complimenting your build and reflecting your style. Arm yourself with the best as you move up the career ladder, reach important life milestones and really eek out an individual taste and style.


Using suiting cloth from the most prestigious British and Italian mills, Mark and his team of tailors map the body taking every single measurement, then subsequently work with the client and their unique personalised suit until it is exactly right.

Mark Marengo’s design ethos is neatly summarised in his own words as `Different in the detail, Classic with a twist`. Contemporarily bridging the gulf that lies between old style Savile Row traditionalism, and modernist show-biz gimmickry, Mark’s clothes are always beautifully made, but also absolutely wearable.


It is not just a question of fitting the suit to the physique, rather creating a piece that truly reflects the client. Bespoke suits start at £2,000, if your budget doesn`t stretch quite that far semi-bespoke suits are available from £500. Finish the look with a bespoke shirt, tie and shoes.

Sharp suits, ultimate fit shirts, classic ties and made to measure shoes. It`s time to introduce your wardrobe to some much required quality.
£15.00? Paaah!

(having said all of the above, I think Tesco do a really great job at delivering value produce to the Nation – don`t want to get in trouble!)

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