AquaBar Launches Pop Up Location At Algabar Home & Life

LA has just been treated to something quite special, the AquaBar Hydration bar, The First Full Service Hydration Bar In the U.S. Featuring gourmet Waters From Around The World.


Whether you are looking for water to loss weight or simply want to taste some of the World`s rarest waters then you must pay a visit. These are truly gourmet waters, check out where they come from:

Glace – the source of which is melted icebergs in the North Atlantic. Iceberg water is extremely rare and is considered the most pristine water in the world as it dates back ten of thousands of years, having been locked away in glaciers.

Cloud Juice – is rainwater from Tasmania. This refreshing bottled water has a crisp, clean taste and is said that with each sip takes you back to childhood playing in the rain.

Mahalo – is a de-salinated deep-sea water, from the deepest, purest parts of the Pacific ocean. It is rich in real electrolytes, natural sodium and high in potassium so it replenishes and your nourishes your body.

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