The Macbook Air Platinum Edition

I have written about Stuart Hughes’s talents for “pimping up” the latest technology before. I also promised a report on the Platinum Macbook.


I can do better than that – Check out the video that Stuart Hughes has provided for us, this will make you sit up! Click HERE for video.

The Macbook Air Platinum Edition is a stunning new entry to the Stuart Hughes portfolio. This is for the discerning individual who strives to be distinctive. The whole housing is cast from solid Platinum, weighing an immense circa of 7 kilograms. This superior Laptop has brought together the subtle beauty and elegance of platinum both of which result an exquisite work of art.

Stuart Hughes continues to push the boundaries. To some, it may seem pointless and a little crude in these challenging times, but I think it’s a push in the right direction. Bold statement gadgets like these are highly sought after and will always hold their value, if not increase.

If you agree, have a look at Stuart Hughes website, you will be amazed at some of the items that have had this extravagant treatment. I guarantee you will spend longer on the site than you thought you might!

The products are not some fad, not some poor imitation. Some of these pieces have taken 6 months to produce. Stuart Hughes is doing something marvellous, creating important – historic even – works of art. There are only 5 Air Platinum Macbooks available and at £319,995.00, they will not be around for long.


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