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Are you looking to book some last minute winter sun, or a holiday for half term? Well, hold your horses, as I may just have a few services from APH that you would like to consider.

There can be nothing more stressful when going on holiday than the airport, with problems such as busy terminals, awkward parking, long queues, throngs of people and expensive shops. So, if I were to tell you that there are options available from Airport Parking and Hotels (APH for short), that will give your brief visit to the airport a cushion of relaxation and luxury, you would be interested, right?


A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to try out some of APH`s services at Gatwick south terminal, namely their valet parking and No.1 Lounge/ Quite honestly, they were absolutely fantastic ways to start any holiday. What I am about to tell you about is an affordable way to give your holiday a luxury send off and I would recommend them both adamantly.

Meet and Greet (Valet) Parking

Once booked, all you have to do is turn up at the terminal for departure and a cheery APH representative will be there to take your car off your hands. For example, our destination was Gatwick South Terminal, where we drove to the `Passagenger Drop Off Point` and were greeted by our APH rep. The representative, or `chauffeur` (as APH call them), will do a brief check of your vehicle and make any notes of damage; this is to make sure that both parties are happy with the car on return. Additionally, you receive a card with instructions on how to get your car on return. For this, all you have to do is call when your bag is on the baggage reclaim belt and an APH Chaffeur will deliver your car to the spot you dropped it in.


This service takes any hassle and panic out of getting to the airport – it was quick, efficient and worth every penny of the fee. Also, with no shuttle buses to worry about, you simply have to turn up and your car will be taken off your hands and driven to a secure compound for storage during your holiday. I would also recommend this for business people who are on a tight schedule and need to be in and out of the airport as quickly as possible.

Costs of this service vary, but it is really worth the extra expenditure and adds a lovely relaxed touch to the start of your holiday. They currently offer over 85 airport car parks across 23 UK airports, so I am sure that you will easily find an APH near you. To get your quote please click here.

NO.1 Lounge

The No.1 Lounge at Gatwick South Terminal is located in a quieter and more secluded spot of the bustling airport. To access this particular lounge it is £20 per adult – this is stunning value, let me tell you why. The lounge is spacious, light and comfortable, therefore, making it a really pleasant experience from the off. It is also quiet and peaceful, with no loud flight announcements and a general policy of solitude being employed here. I felt relaxed from the moment I sat down.


There is also a selection of complimentary goodies, including:

• Tea/Coffee
• Soft drinks
• Alcoholic beverages
• Snacks
• Magazines/Newspapers
• Flight information
• Wi-Fi

But I would like to add there is much more to this service than stated above, in particular, with regards to `snacks` and `alcoholic beverages`. The `snacks` include a small menu of delicious dishes which can be ordered at the bar, free of cost. Also, there is a small buffet selection of pastries, cakes, soups and breads to keep your hunger at bay.

With regards to alcoholic drinks, you can have pretty much any kind of beverage you can think of but with no extra cost! The only thing to be paid for is champagne and prosecco. As a consequence, this is the perfect way to relax before a long flight with a gin and tonic or an ice cold beer.

When you consider the cost of drinks in the rest of the airport and the offerings here for food and drink, the £20 becomes extremely good value and pays for itself within minutes. I will from now on always return to the No.1 Lounge or similar lounges before travelling, as the value and added touch of class is the ideal way to start any holiday.

Please note: Adults 12 years plus Children 2-11 Years

To book your APH experience, please click here: http://www.aph.com/

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