The Building of the Palm Dubai

It’s a development of mammoth scale and undertaking, but what really makes the Dubai Palm so breathtaking?


Here are some interesting facts:

  • Due to its immense scale and unique shape, The Palm, Jumeirah and The Palm, Jebel Ali are visible from space with the naked eye.
  • The creation and development of The Palm is an unparalleled feat of design and engineering. The Palm is destined to be like no other place on earth.
  • The brilliance of The Palm is both in its tribute to the date palm tree, referred to as ‘bride of orchard’, and in its ideal geometry for creating maximum beach frontage.
  • Each island will add 60 kilometres of shoreline to Dubai, increasing the UAE’s beachfront by an extraordinary 166%.
  • Rocks weighing a total of 7 million metre cubed (per island) are being brought in from sixteen different quarries throughout the United Arab Emirates.
  • The Palm comprises approximately 100 million cubic metres of sand and rock.
  • If all the fill materials used to build one Palm island were placed end to end, a wall two meters high and half a metre thick could circle the world three times.
  • Dredges play a prominent role in building The Palm. Sand is first dropped into place and piled at a specific angle of repose, ensuring it will hold its place.
  • After the initial dumping of sand, a dredger brings the sand level to the surface with a process called “rainbowing”, which literally sprays the sand into proper position.
  • The Crescent surrounds the island and acts as a breakwater – able to withstand a 4m wave. It is built from the bottom up, beginning with the sand, geotextile fiber, small rocks, and then medium sized rocks, once above water.
  • Expert Divers examine rock placement underwater to ensure correct positioning. Divers are also used to review placement of geotextile.
  • Over 100 studies from transportation, marina design and water supply to technology and civil works have been completed to assess and ensure The Palm’s feasibility.
  • Over 12,000 Palm trees will be grown on a nursery in Jumeirah, Dubai.
  • The Palm will help stimulate its development by adding nutrient rich materials. Residents and visitors will delight in snorkelling, scuba and diving in this rich resource.

(Via Palm Sales)

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