B & O BeoSound 5 Stereo.

Bang & Olufsen recently announced the launch of its new digital audio master (new name for a stereo!), called the BeoSound 5. It certainly looks a little more than a stereo – and it is!

It`s a rather tasty gadget with glowing dials and digital screens that I`m sure will become a living room centerpiece with many a jealous bloke admiring its charm and charisma.

For around £3,500 this little beauty will give you exceptional music quality, being able to play lossless music on its 500GB drive proving that the convenience and ease of digital music does not mean compromising on sound quality.


Bang & Olufsen also introduces its rather snazzy award winning “More Of The Same” technology, where listeners can simply pick one song and the MOTS technology scans the music library stored on the system for similar tracks based on rhythm, syncopation, tone and harmony – matching the music to your mood. Great Idea!

Available from March 2009.

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