Another Reason To ǽƒ?½¶¾ Monogrammed Linen Shop!

At Lussorian, we appreciate that the finer things in life do not have to be big bold statements.

We believe luxury comes in the form of the highest quality. That`s why we are big fans of MLS, London`s Monogrammed Linen Shop.

We have reported on the luxury linen shop before and recently told you about their new Chelsea collection.

Now, MLS have teamed up with Italian linen brand, Jesurum. The synergy is a natural one: both companies espouse the use of natural cottons and linens, as well as championing skilled craftsmanship above machine manufactured home items.


In fact, Monogrammed Linen Shop have been confirmed as the exclusive UK stockist for Jesurum.

Jesurum is a Venetian company and its products are still manufactured largely in Venice and the surrounding area. It has been making sophisticated linens for the table, bedroom and bathroom for over 130 years.

It champions time-honoured forms of craftsmanship – such as lace making and hand-embroidery – and rejects all forms of mass production.

Its products are embellished with white, ecru and polychrome lace, woven on traditional looms and the embroidery is still done by hand, using skills handed down from generation to generation.

Jesurum has gained a huge and distinguished international fan base, which appreciates beautiful, elegant, natural items for the home, that remain practical at the same time.

With prices starting from £49.00, it`s never been a better time to head for The Monogrammed Linen Shop.

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