Luxury Electric Car

Finally there’s an electric car which looks like it hasn’t been developed by someone with myopia! Claimed to be the world’s first sports car with no emissions, this baby could have a great future if it delivers on the hype.


Developed by Tesla a US based firm, the car can reach speeds of 130 mph and is designed by the iconic Lotus. The Tesla Roadster has bags of style and eco friendly credentials to boot.

Tesla say:

“The highly purposeful design of the Tesla Roadster shows up in its many multi-use components. There’s a battery box that’s both functional and structural, air ducts that double as energy-absorbing zones, and a high-performance AC motor that can run forwards and backwards. The PEM (Power Electronics Module) performs several critical functions, including motor torque control, regenerative braking control, and charging. Of course the most notable thing inside the car is the battery itself: our ESS (Energy Storage System) is safe, lightweight, and able to take you 250 miles between charges.”

The motor is powered by an advanced lithium ion battery which draws energy as the car slows down and feeds it back to the engine. So if you’re looking for a luxury eco friendly car the Tesla could fit the bill.

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