Luxury Gold Plated TV, Studded With Diamonds

Ok, I have to say that this is so bling it’s simply awful, but it is luxurious and therefore we at Lussorian have slavishly reported it. Is it the most expensive TV in the world? Quite possibly.


According to

“This luxury television appeared at the Berlin consumer electronics fair IFA with a retail price of 100,000 euros (130,000 dollars), ”

“The LCD panel from Italian maker Keymat Industries is plated with white gold and studded with 4 grams of diamonds.

Keymat, which said IFA was the first non-Italian fair where the model from its Yalos range was shown, added that US and Saudi buyers had already shown interest. IFA runs until Wednesday.

Last week, a German hi-fi magazine demonstrated at IFA what it described as the world’s most expensive music system.

In an annual demonstration of what a hi-fi lover would love to own, Audio magazine borrowed equipment worth 750,000 euros (975,000 dollars) to assemble the sound system which includes a 220-kilogram record-player costing 125,000 euros.”

The TV may not be my cup of tea but the mention of a $975,000, assembled sound system is really a mouth watering prospect.

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