Angel Champagne – the most exclusive?

Cristal has long laid claim to the tags of most exclusive, highest quality etc. A little unjustly in my view.


However there is a new kid on the block. Recently launched Angel Champagne is currently only available on order online and is not planned for general retail release. Limited supplies are intended for select venues. A bottle of Angel Champagne can come in a silver presentation box with your own signature (Mariah Carey did this apparently, but I’m not sure if that’s a ringing endorsement in itself) – nonetheless could be a nice touch for a gift.

Some more tit bits of info about Angel:


• The first champagne to be developed within a 12 year timeframe

• Prices start at £840 ($1340 approx)

• Mariah Carey is the ambassador and face of `Angel` in the US. The champagne has featured within her new album and she wears `Angel` jewellery in her video

• Bottles can be bespoke designed for an individual with platinum presentation boxes

• Simon Cowell received a specially designed bottle from Mariah Carey for his 50th birthday

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