Space Invader Sofa, Donkey Kong Shelves & Much More Arcade Themed Furniture

There is a massive chunk of child in me. Even as I approach my forties, I find myself tidying up my sons Starwars figures and an hour later have recreated a spectacular movie scene. Playing? No, `Arranging`!

And maybe I should mention my own boxed, mint condition toy collection stashed in the loft? See, big kid.

So when I discovered the Space Invader sofa, I felt I had to share it on the pages of Lussorian. Writing this up, I found other items of arcade themed furniture. It`s time to reminisce about your childhood…


The Space Invader sofa is an Igor Chak creation with Bauhaus type styling made into a `pixelated retro design`. The sofa is leather, with two glass surfaces, mainly lined and made with memory foam.

At $5000, it`s a steal. Standard prices for a sofa of this quality would be about the same, but they wouldn`t be nearly as cool!

Also from designer Igor Chak is the Donkey Kong Shelves, which for me are just as awesome.


The Donkey Kong Shelves have the same retro feel and are tough to boot. Each shelf is made out of durable, light carbon fibre, anodized aluminum pixels that are joined with strong stainless steel rods and toughened glass tops.

The special mounts themselves are made out of steel and can support up to 60lbs. Just got to love them!

Then, I started looking around for other arcade themed furniture ideas. The Tetris lamp from Paladone has a contemporary cool feel and look stunning.


There are 7 individual pieces, which interlock in a number of variations. Once all the blocks are in place, it lights up. Available from September 2012 at around $50.

By no means is the next item `High End`, but it is certainly fun. With all the above in place in your chosen room of pleasure, cover a wall with the Asteroids decal pack. Asteroids, for most, was the first real home computer game and remains a strong memory for me – I`m guessing I am not alone.

These `8-bit` graphics are also reusable. $45 gets you 65 pieces in each pack (for some fun `arranging` time).

To top all this arcade themed furniture, you have to see the retro table top arcade machine, from the GamesRoom company. £2500 may sound steep, but this is a PC made to your specifications with 17 inch LCD screen and comes with 60 classic arcade games (and hundreds more available upon request).


This luxury games table is British made and hand built. The quality of craftsmanship is clear.

Now imagine relaxing on that Space Invaders sofa, with the soft glow of the Tetris lamp, playing Streetfighter 2 on this wonderful piece of arcade themed furniture.

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