Amica`s Aqualytic Scandium oven

For most people, the thought of cleaning your oven seems like a daunting task. Just the thought of cleaning it is boring enough. So why not invest in Amica`s Aqualytic Scandium oven! Launched in October 2009, the Scandium range is A rated and attractive giving your kitchen a sophisticated elegance!

The new Aqualytic self-cleaning system works on the same principles of pyrolytic cleaning systems but uses much less time and energy. So you wouldn`t have to manually clean your oven and you`d be helping the environment. Pure genius!



The Scandium 1133.4TdXY provides 12 heating functions, with Rapid Heat allowing the oven to reach the required temperature within minutes and the electronic programmer with retractable controls and clear LCD display allows easy programming with 15 pre-programmed recipe settings. Is there anything this oven can`t do? I doubt it! It also comes with a 2000W grill and stay-cool door, which allows you to grill with the door closed. Even after switching the oven off, Amica`s automatic cooling system continues to protect kitchen furniture and cool the oven quickly.

Another great aspect to this multifunction oven is that Amica`s revolutionary new Aqualytic cleaning system uses a litre of water and needs just 30 minutes at only 90 degrees C, where other ovens require a period of 1 hours at a temperature of 400 or 500 degrees. And thanks to the chemical structure of Amica`s new enamel, the Aqualytic process results in a clean oven chamber with residue which easily wipes out. No longer will you have to spend hours trying to get your oven clean as this new system saves time and energy with no safety issues in terms of intense heat with children and kitchen furniture. Scrubbing and chemicals are out the window and not needed!

Amica`s 1133.4TdXY Scandium Oven (12 multifunction) with Aqualytic Cleaning System is available for around £399 Inc VAT from most independent electrical retailers and comes with Amica`s standard full 2 year parts and labour guarantee.

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